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Diggin Dogs Mining and Jewelry



About Us

The Biggest Little Rock Shop on the Coast! Featuring Oregon Sunstones, hand mined from our own claim and Canadian Ammolite Gemstone ... Rough/Freeform/Jewelry. We have a World Class Collection spanning 50+years of New Old Stock including but not limited to ... Jaspers and Agate, Azurite from China, Covellite from Peru, Mexican Calcite, and a beautiful selection of In-house set or created One-of-a-kind Jewelry for every budget! Our no fuss In-store layaway is perfect for gift giving or treating yourself to a special treasure. Browsers are Always Welcome and we have a special heart for the Kidlets who love Rocks!!
We are a husband and wife team that have been roaming around the Rock world for several years and decided to open a Rock Shop here in Aberdeen. We also own/operate an Oregon Sunstone mine and we needed a place to showcase and sell these gemstones. Plus we have a large inventory of rare Canadian Ammolite and a multitude of Rock and Mineral Specimens from around the world. Add to that a beautiful selection of in-house created jewelry and you have what we like to call The Biggest Little Rock Shop on the Coast!

We have long reaching plans for our Shop, and expansion will be coming soon. The Locals have been fabulous and so supportive ... We couldn't be more pleased or humbled. Our motto is "You and the Rock have to Talk". Meaning we are here for you to have a wonderful experience in our Shop ... Whether you are just browsing, have questions, or need help finding the perfect Treasure. We are not here to "sell" you anything ... It's a personal experience whe


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Diggin Dogs Oregon Sunstone Mine Claim
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Custom made Ammolite Pendant
Rare Canadian Ammolite
Stunning Oregon Sunstones
Beautiful Vintage Jaspers
Gorgeous Oregon Sunstone pendant
Sunstones Galore!
Rare World Class Specimens
Elk Ivory with Ammolite
Chevron Amethyst Pendant
Mexican Fire Opal specimen
Mosaic Ammolite Pendant
Oregon Sunstone from our Mine
Mosaic Ammolite Necklace
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