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Explore Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

Take one trip and connect with the distinctly diverse environments across the Olympic Peninsula in northwestern Washington. Be inspired by pure nature; glacier-capped peaks, valleys of old-growth forests, natural hot springs and rugged Pacific coastline. Olympic National Park & Forest take center stage offering outdoor adventure, cultural experiences and serene, natural splendor.

There are some places so blissfully disconnected from the modern world that they seem to stand suspended in time. Lake Quinault Lodge is one such place - a grand and rustic lodge built in 1926 that welcomes guests with warmth, hospitality and a sincere feeling of home-away-from-home comfort. Here you can unwind in front of our majestic fireplace, dine in the historic Roosevelt Dining Room, curl up with a good book by the lake, paddle and fish in the afternoon sun, or venture deep into the temperate rain forest and enjoy the cool shade of the giant trees. We're here to make your experience just what you want it to be…anything but ordinary.

Rainforest Tours (year-round): Our 3 ½ to 4 hour, comprehensive tour of the lush Quinault Rainforest takes place in our comfortable 14-passenger Tour Coach where your Interpretive Guide will explain the history of the area including the Quinault Indian Nation, the early expeditions that revealed Lake Quinault and the flora and fauna native to the rainforest. This unique tour takes you to the best photo points and you will get up close and personal with the rainforest on selected short walks.