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Grays Harbor Float and Wellness



About Us

Grays Harbor Float & Wellness is a healing arts center that focuses on Float Therapy, Compression Therapy and will soon be offering Red Light Therapy.

Float therapy is an experience and practice unlike any other. The benefits of floating are numerous and their scope of healing wide. We have set up for you an Oasis tank that holds 1000 lbs of epsom salt dissolved into 10 inches of water. This solution suspends you and holds your body at absolute rest. It acts as a reset for your brain and body. Then tank can be dark if you would like or you can have it lit for your 90 minute float. The water and air in the cabin are all about 93-95 degrees and while in it you lose the sensation of touch as you can't really feel where the barrier of your skin begins and ends. Floating allows people to more easily access a meditative state and for some the 90 minutes of the float go by in what feels like a few minutes. Floating can aid with chronic physical pain and inflammation, pregnancy aches and pains, anxiety and depression, PTSD and more.

Compression Therapy is the use of compression sleeves on different parts of the body that fill with air and break up lactic acid and aid in circulation. This can help with post workout soreness, warming up muscles before a workout, loosening tension and pain, preventing blood clots and more.


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